We have a wide variety of challenging classes. Each coach brings a different style of training. Check out our gym space.

Check out our class space here



We have a wide variety of challenging classes. Each coach brings a different style of training. Check out our gym space.

Check out our class space here


Class Descriptions

Box n Burn

Get a full body cardio workout without having to set foot on a treadmill! With a blend of boxing techniques on the bag, bodyweight and core exercises in between, this class is sure to knockout excess calories punch by punch. All skill levels welcome. Gloves required.


Boot camp REPS style. Strength with weights AND bodyweight exercises, with a splash of cardio. Each class will be taught by a different talented, creative instructor!


High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is the fastest way to burn fat to get that desired lean look that will make your friends want to know your secret. Kickstart your morning with an intense and fun workout to boost your metabolism, increase caloric expenditure to promote fat loss, and build strength and conditioning. Workouts will primarily focus on bodyweight exercises, covering the whole body, with various equipment introduced every week. For beginner and intermediate fitness levels.

Power Hour

Power Hour is a strength class that will focus on large compound lifts and accessory movements. Each day will have an upper or lower body focus while including core work and short conditioning

Kettlebell Strong

KettleBells don’t look like other weights. And for many, they make strength training actually fun! With dynamic movements focused on building balance between both halves of your body, no two workouts are the same. It's weight training with a twist, or should we say a swing!

Vinyasa Sculpt

A yoga based workout with weights incorporating large and small muscle groups with compound exercises, and added cardio bursts for a total body workout. For all levels. Please bring yoga mat (and towel and water!)

Gentle Yoga

Gentle Yoga is a low-intensity and restorative, combining both stationery and movement-based yoga poses. A key focus is to help students develop body awareness and the ability to relax, and to develop a profound enjoyment of yoga. We focus on creating an energy that is happy and calm and an atmosphere which is inclusive and non-competitive. Gentle yoga offers nurturing, kindness, and compassion for the body, regardless of whether a student is injured or healthy, young, or old. Gentle yoga moves slowly and mindfully allowing every student to move safely into each pose.

One More REP

This class will help you achieve a full body workout while also increasing strength and mobility. With the help of bodyweight, dumbbell, and barbell exercises, this class is designed to teach correct form among a variety of dynamic exercises. The goal of this class is progress. Progress with physical fitness, strength, and mental toughness. There will always be a full body warm-up that transitions into an area of focus that changes every week. This class will be fun and challenging. Available for all fitness levels.

Strength and Chisel

Gain strength in this total body strength class, which features compound strength based movements built in a block format. This class utilizes weights and other fitness equipment and slower tempo movement throughout the workout along with different challenges to push you to the max!