At REPS we pride ourselves on having a diverse team of both class instructors and personal trainers. Come in and let our team help you reach your full fitness potential!


At REPS we pride ourselves on having a diverse team of both class instructors and personal trainers. Come in and let our team help you reach your full fitness potential!

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Personal Trainers


Broderick Edwards

Specialties: Sports Conditioning, Functional Movement, Strength Training

Broderick started his education at Harold Washington Community College and then went to Concordia University in Chicago where he played football. He is a certified American Sports Fitness Association Personal Trainer. Broderick loves training people and changing lives one person at a time, even his own, with hard work and positive energy. His training landed him in a program called “Put Illinois to Work” for 10 years working with kids that have special needs.


Matthew Duffy

Specialties: Powerlifting, General Strength, Bodybuilding

Matt is a trainer whose fitness journey began through practical means, preparing for work in construction. Though upon finding a passion for lifting, he turned his career around on a path to helping others begin a fitness lifestyle. His own lifting is geared towards powerlifting, he has experience and knowledge about most forms of fitness, from bodybuilding to sports conditioning. Training with Matt, you will find increases in strength, energy, and overall health. His focus is always on technique and efficiency, ensuring safe and effective training. Some of his other passions include: Film, Tattoos, Reading, Soccer, and Board Games.


Taylor Pearon

Specialties: Mobility, Martial Arts, Athletics

Taylor is a Certified Personal Trainer through National Academy of Sports Medicine, as well as a Mobility Specialist through Functional Range Systems.
A lifelong athlete and dancer, Taylor has always been passionate about personal development through sport & training. Her greatest passion is training capoeira with her school, Grupo Axe Capoeira. Taylor's interest lies in helping others develop confidence and an expanded understanding of what they are capable of. She believes that what we do inside of the gym very much transfers to how we live the rest of our lives outside of it. Whether training for physique, performance, or pain reduction, Taylor is invested in helping others create change that increases their quality of life.


Christi Gallagher

Specialties: Sports Specific Conditioning, Corrective Mobility, Interval Training

Christi is a detail-oriented, qualified fitness enthusiast committed to the overall safety and success of every client. Certified personal trainer, yoga, cycling, youth conditioning and USA Track and Field. Coaching and wellness has always been a part of her life. Many years of experience and certifications in the health and fitness industry (working with college football players to soccer moms to cancer survivors) has allowed Christi to bring many diverse approaches to instruction.

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Group Fitness Instructors


Meg Hutter

Over the past 12 years in the wellness industry, Meg has cultivated a very holistic approach to Wellness that goes far beyond the walls of a gym. She discovered early on that through fitness she can help empower others to develop their movement, discipline, motivation, confidence, and intuition skills, so they can go out and live their happiest & healthiest life. Meg’s holistic approach flows into her training/teaching style as well - regardless of the class format, you will get pieces of strength, mobility, endurance, recovery, and breathwork in each session. Meg believes that through movement & mindfulness each of us hold incredible power to create our "best self."

Boxing Instructors

Yoga Instructors


Marissa Khalaf

Eleven years ago, in the final surrender of savasana, tears began to run down the side of Marissa’s face, and it was then that she realized that yoga was much more than just a workout. The mind-body connection that this amazing practice ignites warmed her soul. She fell in love with how the practice empowered her to simply live in the present moment and let go of all expectations and self-doubt. Her passion inspires her to create a comfortable, non-judgmental atmosphere of growth through sequencing, music, and body and breath awareness. Self and experiential exploration allows her to gain relatable knowledge that she believes creates a deeper student-teacher connection. It is Marissa’s sankalpa to spread joy and new perspective with an open heart and an empathetic ear to her students and beyond.


Owen Gourley

Owen Gourley took a Kundalini yoga class at the University of Alaska in the '90s as a fun class, and has practiced it and other styles ever since. His classes integrate the tricks he's learned in Kundalini, Traditional Hot yoga, Vinyasa, Yin, Pilates, dance, and more. His goal is to have you leave the class feeling better than you came in.

Zumba™/Dance Instructors


Yaara Sandowski-Schwartz


Originally a fashion designer from New York with a serious love for fun I am a Zumba instructor. I have been teaching for 3 years and have been certified to teach both the basic and secondary rhythms.

My love for dance has always been a side hobby whether taking semesters of dance classes in college (Afro Caribbean Rhythms or Belly Dance) or just dancing on my own. If I’m not at the gym you can find me at the bridal salon where I am stylist or chilling at the dog park with my dog. Health, maintaining a good energy and positive attitude has always been something I have been extremely passionate about. This comes after being a liver transplant recipient and not being able to walk on my own. I love to help people maintain a positive attitude and keeping active in the funnest way possible

Missy Photo

Missy Paramo

BARRE Strong

Chicago native, Missy Paramo, has been dancing for over 20 years and teaching for over 10 years. She has been brought in across the country to educate and train young movers as well as set choreography. She also held her own professional adult classes at Los Angeles dance studios, Debbie Reynolds Dance Studio and Movement Lifestyle.
She is educated in ballet, contemporary, modern, lyrical, jazz, and hip hop from the wisdom of renowned choreographers like Jennifer Hamilton, Lizzie MacKenzie, Eddy Ocampo, Jackie Sleight, Christian Vincent and many more. On scholarship at Chicago’s professional dance studio, Visceral Dance Center, Missy continued her training with expert instructors such as Mike Gosney, Laura Wade, and Nick Pupillo.
Missy has appeared as a principal dancer in Jessica Sutta’s (Pussycat Dolls) concert and SOUL by Ludacris ft. musical artist CeeLo Green & Miguel. Missy has toured nationally with LA Dance Magic as an assistant in classes of more than 1000 students, in approximately 40 cities across the United States. As well as, taught convention classes for Infinity Dance Project with classes of more than 100 students.