Let our team help you reach your full fitness potential


Let our team help you reach your full fitness potential

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Coaching Staff

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Kaleb Petetreit

Trainer/Group Fitness Instructor/Boxing Coach

Kaleb is a NASM certified personal trainer with certifications in TRX and Kettlebell. With a passion for guiding others to achieve their fitness goals, he strives to help clients exceed their own expectations and physical ability. He has a proven track record of performance excellence when it comes to client growth, retention, and education of overall health. He takes pride in creating and implementing unique client-specific workout plans and varied group class formats. .

His passion for fitness stems from being a long-time athlete. As a professional prize-fighter, he has a 15 year background in Kickboxing, Boxing, and Mixed Martial Arts. He is from Texas so yes he just arrived here on a horse!

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Gabriel Jones

Personal Trainer

Gabe is a NASM certified Personal Trainer building a business with a focus on personal training and sport specific (basketball) training. Gabe graduated from Lewis University with a degree in Health and Human Performance. As a collegiate basketball player, he had an injury prone career because he didn’t understand the importance of strength and conditioning. His goal is to share knowledge of how important it is to train physically and mentally especially in younger athletes.

Gabe is currently working on his Stretch Therapy and Massage Therapy certifications so if you see him at the front desk studying… don’t be surprised!

“Health is Wealth”

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John Sosanya

Physical Therapist/Trainer

John graduated with a Doctorate in Physical Therapy in 2017 from Washington University in St. Louis, while also earning a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialty from the NSCA. He carries an emphasis on correcting movement impairments and adapts both his therapy and training to accommodate orthopedic issues specific to every client.

John played division one football at the University of Oklahoma and incorporates the training style he learned while in that program while adapting it to the clients training level.

He has received a level one certification in Dry Needling and is in pursuit of Advanced Certification in Dry Needling. His services at REPS will include Personal Training, Physical Therapy and Dry Needling



Anthony is a U.S. Navy Veteran, Bioforce and N.A.S.M. certified personal trainer with fitness nutrition and corrective exercise specializations. He is a huge proponent of functional movement systems, postural restoration, injury prevention, and andvanced sports recovery while focusing on HR monitor use, boxing and Olympic lifts.

Since 2015 he has been, "changing lives one REP at a time!"