Group fitness classes offer motivation, camaraderie, and expert guidance. Joining a class adds structure to your workout routine and makes exercise enjoyable, increasing adherence and helping you achieve your fitness goals more effectively.

Box and Burn

This boxing program will consist of learning and excelling through the fundamentals of boxing with a mixture of strength training and cardio conditioning. Participants will learn the proper techniques of striking and defending. The strength training and conditioning portions include body weight exercises, footwork drills, and weighted circuit training.

Creative Vinyasa

Creative Vinyasa is a mindful movement practice to align mind , body, and spirit. This class is for ALL and any body that wants to explore their breath, flexibility, and strength. You will flow through various postures consciously using body awareness and focus on the connection of body and breathe.

Bring your own mat please!

Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Vinyasa links the breath with movement. This class experience allows students to enjoy a slow-paced, coupled with the benefits of continuous guidance from an instructor. As a constant flow, this class is beneficial for all levels but sequences come at a quicker pace, adding on variations.

Please bring your own mat.


High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is the fastest way to burn fat to get that desired lean look that will make your friends want to know your secret.

Kickstart your morning with an intense and fun workout to boost your metabolism, increase caloric expenditure to promote fat loss, and build strength and conditioning. Workouts will primarily focus on bodyweight exercises, covering the whole body, with various equipment introduced every week.

Yoga Basics

New to yoga or want to get back to the basics? We will focus on building the fundamentals of a Vinyasa practice through alignment, breath-work, and dynamic movement. This class is suitable for all levels, breaking down postures and offering modifications along with advanced options.

Bring your own mat please!

Restorative Yoga

This is a slow moving class that focuses on breathing and supporting the body with props and longer held stretches to help release and relax the body. This class is good for ALL Bodys and levels of yoga experience. A fantastic way to wind down from the week.

Please bring your own mat.

Lifting 101

LIFTING 101 is a basic level class for those interested in learning the basics of basic lifting. How to do a Romanian deadlift, a proper Bulgarian Split Squat, an overhead extension, a basic squat. Learn new lifts or perfect the lifts you already have in your routine.

Different lifts each class per member feedback.

Everyday Athlete

EVERYDAY ATHLETE incorporates full body exercises using equipment such as the battle ropes, row machine, TRX, agility ladder sled etc. for a workout that incorporates multiple body parts. Interval training with agility and plyometrics, weights and conditioning, and competition to end the class.

Circuit Training

CIRCUIT TRAINING is whole body conditioning that involves resistance training, endurance work and cardio. It will start with a 4 min warm up. Assign a different station to everyone and, perform every exercise for 30 seconds. After completing the circuit a few minutes recovery will get us ready for the next round.Some exercises will be added or removed in order to target every single muscle. The class will always be a little different but, it will always be balanced.

Pyramid Training

PYRAMID TRAINING is whole body strength training; starting with lighter weight and higher number of repetitions then increase the weight to do fewer repetitions with each subsequent set. Your heaviest set will be at the top of the pyramid.

Kettlebell Combine

KETTLEBELL COMBINE utilizes only kettlebells and body weight, this class focuses on using proper form and technique to perform ballistic high energy movements. Made for all fitness levels, adjustments are made by modifying kettlebell weight. Designed to help boost your metabolism for up to 72 hours, this high energy class is geared towards burning fat by building muscular and cardiovascular endurance.

ISO Strength

ISO STRENGTH class will work with dumbbells only to focus on body symmetry. Doing isolated exercises to allow weaker muscle groups to gain the strength to avoid overcompensation of stronger or overactive muscle groups. Isometric and Isotonic exercises will be the structure of this class.

Core Training

CORE TRAINING will help sculpt abs and/or strengthen your core to reduce low back pain. Core Training can also help you fix bad posture to help your spinal column become more neutral. Participants will perform exercises that strengthen every aspect of your core from your abdomen to your lower back.

Energetic Yoga

Want some meditative energy to kick off your day? Join us for this breath to movement energetic flow to keep the mind, body and soul rejuvenated.

Power Vinyasa

Let your breath be your guide through this moving meditation 1 hour class.

Slow Flow Yoga

Start to unwind the end of your week with a slower flow practice. The pace will underline calm in the body and mind. Be prepared to hold poses longer, taking several rounds of breath in the postures rather than breath to movement.

Total Body

TOTAL BODY is a full body workout that aims to hit all major muscle groups. Change up your routine to do a full body challenge and invite your body to switch on!

Soul Flow Yoga

SOUL FLOW YOGA is a soulful and meditative morning flow. This class has a focus on energetic movement, breath and mantra to get yourself feeling grounded, grateful and guided into a balanced week. Class is for all bodys and all levels with hopes to help you feeling energized physically and spiritually.


A brief, no-obligation opportunity to experience REPS facilities, classes, and services. Assess whether the gym aligns with your fitness needs and goals before committing to a full membership.