Personal Training

People work with personal trainers for many different reasons. Maybe to develop an individualized program to support weight loss goals, get in shape, or simply get the benefit from the additional accountability or instruction, a personal trainer can be a great resource and investment in yourself.

People can be cautious about investing in a trainer or may feel intimidated by working with a pro. REPS certified fitness professionals are trained to work with clients of all backgrounds and fitness levels and we can work out package deals to make our services more affordable.

If you are just starting out with an exercise program, seeking to lose weight, improve sport performance, build strength or endurance or you just aren’t seeing results with your current routine, a personal trainer might be your best option. I always tell people that it is an encyclopedia of knowledge that will be of benefit for a lifetime.


You don’t know where to start

A trainer can help you navigate the process, suggest activities that work for your body, and teach you how to get the most out of each workout (to be time efficient).

You aren’t seeing results with your current program

Our trainers can help evaluate your current program, examine goals, help you stay motivated, push you a bit harder, hold you accountable and teach you something new.

You need to be challenged

You have been doing the same thing for a while or just have a competitive nature.

You want to learn

A trainer can teach targeted exercises, demonstrate proper form, show you HOW to lift properly to avoid injury, teach you how the body works and provide workout support.

You have a specific illness, condition or injury that needs a bit of extra attention

REPS trainers can create a program that works on certain areas of concern without risking new or re-injury, and help deal with old or chronic issues.

You are training for an event or competition

Maybe training for your first 5k race, or a body building competition or want to improve your golf game. Your trainer can help design sport specific workouts to strengthen areas of need while avoiding injury or burnout. A good training schedule can be designed by your trainer to allow your body to heal and recover.

My favorite one; you just want to be told what to do

You know how to exercise properly but you just want to turn your brain off and follow someone else’s lead!


You can start with scheduling a complimentary consultation to assess goals and needs and to choose the right trainer for you. After discussing goals and prior health history, body composition will be measured to track progress. Once you and your trainer iron out the details of payment and time restraints, you hit the floor running! (Well maybe not running if that’s not your thing!) Personal trainers are typically driven by a passion for fitness and a desire to share their experiences and knowledge with others. Our commitment is to community so let us help you! You can email REPS General Manager to make an appointment for your first session today!

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